Auto Diagnostics Detection

Keep Your Car Operational With Our Auto Diagnostics Services

As the engines and cars evolve and become more sophisticated, they become more complicated as well. Don’t ignore your check engine light! A flashing or steady light warns you of a possible major problem affecting your vehicle’s fuel, ignition, or emission system. Turn to Master Mechanical for computer diagnostics to ensure that your car stays problem-free on the road.

Spotting and analyzing a problem can be difficult due to integrated computers throughout a vehicle. You can also depend on our team to provide comprehensive diagnostic services. Even if you have already sought the opinion or assistance of another auto repair company, you can contact us for a second opinion.

Rest assured knowing that we'll give you a complete understanding of the issue at hand.

Our Auto Diagnostics Services

  • Check engine light diagnosis
  • TPMS sensor and light inspection
  • Battery inspection and replacement
  • Traction control or ABS inspection
  • Check all warning lights
  • Check for unusual, vibrations, sounds and noises
Classic Cars
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